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Just got back from CA. Spent 10 days in LA filming Lance, Ray B., Steve and Alex Olson and Eric Dressen. The trip was a success, now back to editing... stay tuned for up coming updates.


Caught up with Philly artist and skateboarder Jim Houser. Cruised through the streets of Philly and met his wife and little boy Seamus. Jim also has a new music album out and should be up on itunes check it out.


Just was with Ray Barbee finishing up some last interview stuff. Him, the Mattson 2 and John Cardiel were in town for a gig.


Filming Jamie and his son Julien in Philly. Reign Skate Shop 1 year Anniversary.


Just was with Chris "Dune" Pastras in his home town of Metuchen, NJ. Filming at some of his old skate spots. We are in full editing mode now, until October.